“Rendez-vous à manif samedi?”

“Rendez-vous à manif samedi?”

今天上班前,在自己手上,寫上幾項打算在公司蛇王時段發掘的東西: – consumerism – mass protest as spectacle as a consumerist act -Lloyd George
想知多一點有關頭兩項的事,不多不少跟台灣今天舉行「天下圍攻」的倒扁活動有關。 不再坐在newsroom裡 看著三個台、n個source趕故仔的我,仍很關心親愛的同事們及 雞寶仝人如何報道這一連串、沒完沒了的 Spectacles .面對著 充滿ups的紅海,個多月前開始的「民主運動」,一度被幾份大報頭版報道,形容為香港民主借鏡/學習對象的反貪腐倒扁大行動,人民的熱情和持久力,委實是超出了不少綠營人士的估計,施主人氣也好像出奇地襟擺。讓我看得眼眉跳的是,整件事,好像越來越….「 」。我在腦海中尋找一個合適「 」的metaphor時,浮現的卻赫然是consumerist一詞。那穿紅衣的人群,簡直像在消費。媒體的參與改變一切的本質。遊行、示威本身並不能完成consumption process–示威者在電視上看到直播中的自己,翌日在報紙上看到傳媒、政界、國際大佬們對其創下的偉業的評論,不就是把自身的experience (being) 轉化成 spectacle (seeing)的過程嗎? 60年代 Situationist International 始創人Guy Deboard已論述過,spectacle (李歐梵譯作「商品式的壯觀」)作為廿一世紀人類最抽離現實又最融入日常生活的產品,是為真實的相反,同時卻又獨立地存在,取代一切個人經歷和體驗而立。

” 17 An earlier stage in the economy’s domination of social life entailed an obvious downgrading of being into having that left its stamp on all human endeavour. The present stage, in which social life is completely taken over by the accumulated products of the economy, entails a generalized shift from having to appearing: all effective “having” must now derive both its immediate prestige and its ultimate raison d’être from appearances. At the same time all individual reality, being directly dependent on social power and completely shaped by that power, has assumed a social character. Indeed, it is only inasmuch as individual reality is not that it is allowed to appear.” The Society of the Spectacle, Guy Debord, 1967, Translated by Donald Nicholson-Smith, Zone Books 2006
-The Society of the Spectacle: spectacle and consumerism, from being to seeing, from seeing to ‘having’, seeing as possession;
-Demonstration as Spectacle ;
– demonstration historique vs demonstration nowadays. – c. f. http://ideant.typepad.com/ideant/2006/09/spectacular_fea.html
-Anti-corporate protest as consumer spectacle . -Rosenthal, Anton Benjamin “Spectacle, Fear, and Protest: A Guide to the History of Urban Public Space in Latin America”可以看的資料也有很多! 不過我開了很多門,只有時間入幾間房…

另,Youtube 被google收購了…嗚… 以後變成一個要「奉公守法」的平台,又失去了不少興味。 我可憐的zizou clips很可能短期內會被鏟走…慘


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