between shoe-laces and stiletto heels, i exist.
between cold hands and bedsheets,
between the fisherman and the sea,
between the navel and adam’s apple,
between jobs ads and bannana peels,
between bloggers and msners,
between news and new-news,
i exist.

between interest and hatred,
between ignorance and indifference,
between boredom and bad tv,
between the balls and the cock,
i’m confused.

between windswept and rain-soaked,
between the liar and the mute,
between the child and the man,
between the hem and the zip,
i hesitate.

between the lies and promises (a.k.a dreams),
between the grey, the blue and green,
between white shirts and black shirts,
between être sexy and drag,
between best-kept secret and the underarchieved:
to walk the line between conceit and deceit–
between nonsense and poetry,
i, is.


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